Flora of Chandigarh: Gymnocalycium mihanovichii red cap from Botanical Garden Chandigarh:
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii red cap from Botanical Garden Chandigarh
pls validate

These are spliced …. ie man made… nothing natural about the whole… both parts are mother natures make… but this is sooooo artificial … so what name one must use for them I wonder…

In all seriousness though….
Oh by the way the bottom is usually the Hyelocereus trigonus… an epiphytic cactus… which means it survives without being rooted … and grows prolifically and hence makes a ready base for grafting other cacti…
the red top has a longer name than one given above … but I am blanking it just now… I am sure google will have it … just look for grafting red cactus…
 nice pictures… looks like this is a commercial venture with so many of them… and in Picture number 8 the grafted red ball is either dying or as it often happens too much direct sun is blanching the red out… they should be grown under at least a green mesh or in semi cool green house for the complete success… I have tried this myself several time for a few years… shade or protection from harsh sun is very desirable… for the spectacular reds.


Cactus For ID : MNP,Mumbai : 020513 : AK-6 : Attachments (1).   5 posts by 2 authors.

A cultivated, potted Cactus at the BBC Show in MNP, Mumbai.
Picture taken on 31/3/13.
Id please.

This Gymnocalycium …,
Looks like has been scorched or has a virus or something. A fasciated sport for sure, but it has so much corking or callusing

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii ?

Thanks for the follow up and id.

Cactus For ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 090713 : AK-2 : Attachments (2). 7 posts by 2 authors.
A Cactus seen at the Flower Show in Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on 23/2/12.
Small, ornamental, potted, cultivated plant.


Gymnocalycium friedrichii

Looks like Gymnocalycium friedrichii like … said.  A grafted one?  Nice color on this one, mine turn similar in full sun in summer.


Interesting cactus that is popular here in California, and also now available in India in India. This beautiful Gymnocalycium mihanovichii nearly globose cactus available in red, orange, yellow or even pink colours is a result of single gene mutation resulting in loss of chlorophyll. As the plant can’t survive without cholophyll, it needs to be grafted on another hardy compatible cactus, mostly a species of Hylocereus, which forms lower green portion of the cactus.
Photographed here in California, Dec 3, 2016


Cactus for ID : Lalbagh Botanical Garden Nursery, Bangalore : 20OCT20 : AK-35 : 4 posts by 2 authors.
Cactus seen at the nursery.

The Cactus looks like Gymnocalycium mihanovichi Yellow.

Yes, appears so as per Gymnocalycium mihanovichii and


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