Creeper for ID : 011011 : AK-2: Taken at Pahalgam, Kashmir on the 8th of Sept, 2011.

Tiny white flowers resembling bells, creeper was growing on another tree.

Pahalgam is at a height of 2740 metres above sea level.

Any cuscuta sp

I hope Cuscuta chinensis

Perhaps close up of flower would help further.

Is it by any chance Cuscuta epithymum

I think id of … is Right

I think C. epithymum is a species closer to C. europaea in having flowers in globose heads and is characterised by having tetramerous flowers, whereas this one has pentamerous flowers.

in Maharashtra there is 2 species of Cuscuta i.e. C. reflexa and C. chinensis,,, photo doesnt match to any…

C reflexa and c chinensis surely not. In our area both found C reflexa natural and C chinensis only reported in NDRI campus Karnal


VoF Week :: Cuscuta reflexa along Govind Ghat – Ghangaria trail:   Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. … (family: Convolvulaceae)

1 AUG 12
Govind Ghat – Ghangaria trailabout 6800 ft

Beautiful capture of Aakash bel

Flowers only should help in confirming species.

would consider it just as Cuscuta sp.
… all of the flowers were in a stage that is seen in one of the photo, at least those among the ones I could get to see on searching.

Could this be the captioned species flower



Plant Identification : please Identified Plant
Near kansudi, Gujarat

yes this is Cuscusta


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