Habenaria gibsonii Blatt. & McCann ;
Leafy Habenaria • Marathi: उग्र हबॆअमरी Ugra Habe-amri; 
Kew treats this as synonym of Habenaria foliosa but I truly believe that its Habenaria gibsoni a distinct species.

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Please help me to identify this orchid found in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
Photograph on 31/08/2014

Habit – Under tree, as a undergrowth

Habenaria sp.

Habenaria digitata to me.

Habenaria marginata

The yellow colour is more greenish here that is confusing……

Not any of these !!! 🙂

I think it could be Habenaria gibsonii but i have not seen such yellow flowers.

This is Habenaria gibsoni var. foetida or var. gibsoni. Need to smell the flowers. foul smelling, foetida, no smell or good smell gibsoni.

Infact I have never seen orange flowers in this species.

Very nice

I think this is the true Habenaria gibsoni var. gibsoni which is very very rare and not really observed. You will not find a picture of this even on google.


Today’s orchid no – 3 NSD 26

Photographed on 30-9-09 in Satpura tiger Reserve
I think this is some Habenaria sp

Please check the smell of the flowers. If it has a very foul smell then it could be Habenaria gibsoni var. foetida
otherwise, Habenaria gibsoni var. gibsoni
This is how i was able to differentiate these two varieties.
The other difference between the two varieties according to Misra (2004)
* are confusing to me but you may try ur luck:
Upper segment of petal MUCH LONGER than the lower one; mid segment of the lip EQUAL OR SLIGHTLY LONGER than the lateral segments – H. g. var. gibsoni
Upper segment of petal SLIGHTLY LONGER than the lower one; mid segment of the lip MUCH LONGER than the lateral segments – H. g. var. foetida
* Misra, S. 2004. Orchids of Orissa. Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehradun, pp. 170 – 235 (Habenaria).

Habenaria gibsonii var. foetida Blatt. & McCann as per discussions at Identification???????


This should be Habenaria gibsonii var. gibsonii.
Thanks a lot for sharing.



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