Boletus subtomentosus L., 1753 (Syn: Boletus crassipes Schaeff., 1774; Boletus cupreus Schaeff., 1774; Boletus lanatus Rostk., 1844; Boletus leguei Boud., 1894; Boletus pannosus Rostk., 1844; Boletus striipes Fr., 1874; Boletus subtomentosus var. albo-ochraceus Pilát, 1951 …………………….; Boletus xanthus (E.-J. Gilbert) Merlo 1980; Ceriomyces subtomentosus (L.) Murrill, 1909; Leccinum subtomentosum (L.) Gray, 1821; Rostkovites subtomentosus (L.) P. Karst., 1881; Suillus lanatus (Rostk.) Kuntze, 1898; Suillus leguei (Boud.) Kuntze, 1898; Suillus pannosus (Rostk.) Kuntze, 1898; Suillus striipes (Fr.) Kuntze, 1898; Suillus subtomentosus (L.) Kuntze, 1898; Versipellis subtomentosus (L.) Quél., 1886; Xerocomopsis subtomentosus (L.) Reichert, 1940; Xerocomus ferrugineus var. leguei (Boud.) Bon, 1994; Xerocomus lanatus (Rostk.) Singer, 1945; Xerocomus leguei (Boud.) Montegut ex Bon 1985; Xerocomus subtomentosus (L.) Quél., 1888; Xerocomus subtomentosus var. albo-ochraceus (Pilát) Pilát, 1974 …….; Xerocomus xanthus (E.-J. Gilbert) Curreli 1989);                       


Fungus-200812-NB1 Ziegenlippe from my garden Ritterhude: Just found this Mushroom in my garden in Ritterhude..
Boletus subtomentosus (Suede Bolete, Boring Brown Bolete or Yellow-cracked Bolete)

It is a very good edible mushroom, when young.
This one I cut to take fotos, waiting for more mushrooms to come out.
The last days were very hot, hopfully whenit rains in the coming days there will be more mushrooms.


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