Orobanche alba Stephan ex Willd., Sp. Pl. 3: 450 1800. (syn: Catodiacrum sparsiflorum Dulac; Orobanche alba f. ampla G. Beck …………; Orobanche alba var. epithymoides Rouy; Orobanche alba var. glabrata (C. A. Meyer) G. Beck; Orobanche alba f. hellebori (Miegeville) G. Beck …..; Orobanche alba var. major Rouy; Orobanche alba f. maxima G. Beck …; Orobanche alba var. purpurascens Hayek; Orobanche alba f. rubiginosa (Dietrich) G. Beck …; Orobanche alba var. substenophylla T. Georg.; Orobanche alba f. viscidula G. Beck; Orobanche alba var. wiedemanni (Boissier) G. Beck; Orobanche alexandri Tineo; Orobanche buhsei G. Beck; Orobanche chassia Form.; Orobanche comosa Sprun. ex Reut.; Orobanche crassistyla F. Schultz; Orobanche diaphana F. W. Schultz; Orobanche epithymoides Heuff.; Orobanche epithymophila St. Lag.; Orobanche epithymum DC.; Orobanche epithymum var. epithymoides Duby; Orobanche epithymum var. ferruginea C. Koch; Orobanche epithymum var. grandiflora Rchb.; Orobanche epithymum var. hololeuca Borbás; Orobanche epithymum var. longibracteata Rouy; Orobanche epithymum var. lutescens Bor.; Orobanche epithymum var. major Celak.; Orobanche epithymum var. origanei Schultz; Orobanche epithymum var. pallescens Gren. & Godr.; Orobanche epithymum var. purpurascens Brügger; Orobanche epithymum var. rubiginosa Walp.; Orobanche epithymum var. transsylvanica Grecescu; Orobanche ferruginea C. Koch; Orobanche glabrata C. A. Meyer; Orobanche gussonei Nym.; Orobanche hellebori Miégeville; Orobanche hians Brandza; Orobanche major var. epithymum Neilr.; Orobanche major var. minor Mey.; Orobanche nuda Koch ex Wallr.; Orobanche paradoxa Koch ex Wallr.; Orobanche psilandra C. Koch; Orobanche psilostemon Novopokr.; Orobanche punctata F.G. Schultz; Orobanche rubiginosa A. Dietr.; Orobanche rubra Hook.; Orobanche satureiae-montanae F. Schultz; Orobanche serpylli Vauch. ex Des Moul.; Orobanche squalida Steven; Orobanche thymi-serpylli F. Schultz; Orobanche thymi-vulgaris F. Schultz; Orobanche thymonepiphyta St. Lag.; Orobanche thymophya St Lager; Orobanche transsilvanica F. Porc.; Orobanche wiedemannii Boiss.);                     
Austria, Belgium, England, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ireland,
Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Spain, France, ?Corsica, Sicily,
Italy, former Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Albania,
Bulgaria, Greece (incl. Kiklades), Crete, East Aegaean Isl., Crimea, Algeria,
Morocco, C- & E-European Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Northern Caucasus,
Transcaucasus, Armenia, China (Sichuan), Tibet, Afghanistan (Kunar / Nuristan),
Nepal, Pakistan (Kurram, Swat, Hazara), Jammu & Kashmir (Poonch, Kashmir),

Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey (E-Anatolia, Inner Anatolia, N-Anatolia,
NE-Anatolia, NW-Anatolia: Bithynia, S-Anatolia, SE-Anatolia, SSW-Anatolia,
SW-Anatolia, W-Anatolia, WN-Anatolia), Cyprus (C-Mountains, E-Cyprus, N-Cyprus,
W-Cyprus), European Turkey, Iran (EC-Iran, NE-Iran: Mts., N-Iran, Iranian
Aserbaijan, W-Iran)
as per Catalogue of Life;
Came across this plant en-route Vasundhara falls from Mana village.
I think this is Orobanche alba.
Family: Orobanchaceae.
Date/Time: 11-08-2012 / 09:20AM

Orobanche alba Steph. ex Willd. (Orobanchaceae) from Uttarakhand : Attachments (2). 2 posts by 2 authors.

Orobanche alba Steph. ex Willd. (Orobanchaceae) is a frequent parasitic herb in Upper Alaknanda valley.
It is small pinkish-brown leafless herb up to 25 cm tall parasitizing on the roots of Thymus linearis Benth. (Lamiaceae).

Photographed near Vasudhara area, Badrinath.

Very beautiful find indeed …
I am waiting to meet Orobanche aegyptiaca (a parasite of Mustard roots) for a long time, which I had collected from Morni Hills …



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