Corylus jacquemontii Decne., Voy. Inde 4: 160 1844. (Syn: Corylus colurna var. lacera A.DC.; Corylus lacera Wall. [Invalid]; Corylus tiliacea Decne.);


VOF Week: Tree for ID from Ghanghariya-GGhat Trek: 6 images.
This huge tree, known by locals as ‘Jangli Badaam” due to its edible fruit was present occasionally on the trek…id please…they say fruit is ready in October.

Hazelnut, Corylus colurna
Local Urni
Common part of dry fruits here in USA.

Corylus jacquemontii Decne. (Corylus colurna var. lacera A. DC.) treated as synonym of C. colurna by Flora of Pakistan is treated as accepted name by The Plant List.

VoF Week: Corylus colurna from the way to Ghangriya: 4 images.
Corylus colurna from the way to Ghangriya
Locals call this jangli badam

Corylus jacquemontii is now an accepted name.

I remember … too has already uploaded it – thanks to him too.
Have seen this plant – could not get good photos due to bad light.

Corylus jacquemontii Decne. … (family: Betulaceae)
1 AUG 12
Govind Ghat – Ghangaria trail 5800 – 10160 ft


Ulmus wallichiana: Ulmus wallichiana Planch., also known as the Kashmir Elm.
This tree is not common in Uttarakhand. I know only two places in the state where it is present.
This picture was taken by …, IFS, UKFD from Mundali Village, Dehradun District.

If I am not wrong, your plant does not seem to be Ulmus wallichiana. your plant has much longer and sharper teeth than met in Ulmus wallichiana.
I have photographed both U. wallichiana and U. villosa from Kashmir and will upload them soon.
I suspect your plant may be Corylus

Perhaps another crucial difference is the number of lateral nerves which are 7-8 pairs in Corylus colurna as against 15-18 pairs in Ulmus wallichiana.

Accepted name now is Corylus jacquemontii for Himalayan plant

Yes sir, This is Corylus jaquemontii


Small sized tree for validation :: Govindghat-Ghangaria, Uttarakhand :: Aug 2018 :: ARKOCT-56 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)
Saw this tree along the Govindghat – Ghangaria trail, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
Is this Corylus jacquemontii?


Presenting a few images of Corylus jacquemontii (Betulaceae).
Commonly known as Jangali Baadam in Pangi Valley, can be spotted from Udaipur to Killar, and Killar to Sach-Pass road.
Altitude- 2500-3000 m
Date-July 2021




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