Hypericum choisyanum Wall. ex N. Robson, Fl. W. Pakistan 32: 6, f. 1E-H 6 1973. ;
Choisy’s St Johns Wort



Hypericum sp along Govindghat-Ghangaria trail. Could this be H.choisianum as identified by … in another thread ..

i hope yes

Yes, hopefully



Kindly identify this flower
Place : On the Ghangariya Govindghat trail
Habit : Slopes
Date : 16.08.2012

Could this be some Hypericum sp. Nice photograph..

Yes Hypericum, may be H. choisianum


I will second … ID, but with a different spelling Hypericum choisyanum Wall. ex N. Robson. For some strange reason, Flora of Pakistan puts the name as Hypericum choisianum

Yes … In fact there was a long discussion on this and related names between me and … in this thread. Thanks for reminding.





VoF Week: Hypericum choisyanum from the way to Ghangriya- Govindghat:

Hypericum choisyanum from the way to Ghangriya- Govindghat
pls validate

Yes … Very good photographs.

When we reached this spot, it was raining heavily. Just managed to get few snaps with my pocket camera. Good that you had shared

This was yet another Hypericum found from the trail connecting Ghanghariya and Gobind Ghat…id please…

I think yes Hypericum choisyanum. Good photographs

This must one of the largest flower sizes in a hypericum…. nice
I have been watching this for the last few days wondering it it would trun out to be a hypericum… but was not sure..

This species was found flowering in VOF area, I hope this is Hypericum choisyanum …please validate/correct the id..

I think yes


Winter Colours/ABDEC31 : 4 posts by 3 authors. 1 image.
Idling about in the cold chilly morning today I found comfort in the warm autumn/winter colours of these plants. I thought I will share these with you. All photos were taken on my phone. As always, please correct me if I have misidentified any of these.

Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
16 December 2014
5. Choisy’s St. Johns Wort (Hypericum choisianum)

VoF Week: Flower for ID please: No images.

This flower was seen at Govindghat on 16.08.2012. Id help please.

Hypericum sp. i hope..

I think same H. choisianum


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