Jungermannia polymorpha (L.) Hook. f. & Taylor, London J. Bot. 3: 400 400 1844. (Syn: Marchantia polymorpha L.);




VoF Week: Marchantia from way to Hemkund Sahib:

Marchantia from way to Hemkund Sahib
Sp Pls??

Very good for classwork material.

May be the common species Marchantia polymorpha with gemma cups.

And female receptacles also.

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Visit to Chakrata- A Liverwort and beautiful moments: Sharing pics of a beautiful Liverwort Marchantia. Sp i dont know

But first time i have seen such a gorgeous Marchantia with gemmae cups, anthridia and archegonia on this. Before this we have not seen such a lovely plant live and only working with this as preserve this was growing as unwanted weed in the area and green house of Deovan Herbal garden
I consider this as best “Lower plant of the Tour”


Nice collection of images.
Seems like gemma cup of Marchantia in DSC06578Sm and the elongated ones are antheridiophores of Marchantia.

In Khaki dress … a Forest ranger in Chakrata having Great Knowledge of Botanical name and local names of Plants and Our driver … And Me, Dr Nidhan Singh, Mr Shrikant Ingalhalikar, Prof and Mrs. Gurcharan Singh

this is Marchantia polymorpha (Bryophyte (Liverwort). The Gemma cup is very clear and distinct in DSC06578Sm.JPG along with antheridia and archigonia. DSC06585Sm.JPG is mixed with Anthoceros (Hornwort). Not clear about the species. Please share any other bryophyte if you have taken the snap in that tour.

Yes the group photos and the landscapes are really awesome.


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