Assam; Bangladesh; China South-Central; East Himalaya; Laos; Myanmar; Nepal; Thailand as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Narrow-Leaf Morinda


ID of a Shrub from RiBhoi, Meghalaya : 9 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

Request ID of a smallish shrub. Only fruits seen.
Photographed in: Ri-Bhoi  district, Meghalaya
Season: June 2015
Alt: 700m-750m asl appx

Looks like a Psychotria sps.

Morinda angustifolia I think (if blaze of stem is yellow) 

Thanks … It is Morinda, but the spp may be different from angustifolia

Seems to be some species of Morinda (Morinda angustifolia ??)

Is this Morinda angustifolia Roxb.? Taken in Mizoram.

Mizo name : Lum

Location ( Fl.) : Tamdil. Date : 31 – 03 – 2016

Location ( Fr.) : Mamit. Date : 09 – 06 – 2014

Habit : Evergreen shrub or small tree. Blaze yellow.

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This is Morinda angustifolia Roxb. as per images and references herein and as per comparative images at Morinda


IDENTITY : 18:  Attaching an image of plant which was very common at Tezpur (Assam), seen few on the road side at this place. The plant is 2-3 mtr tall, white flowers. It is definitely a species of Morinda. Can anybody help me to identify ?

Could be Morinda angustifolia. Not sure. You need to post more pictures for proper ID.

I searched google. The images there and the description and distribution indicates, identification by … is correct.

Id of Flower -ID 15062013SH : Attachments (1).
Posting a photo of tlower for Id.
Date/Time – 17.04.2012 / 12.30pm
Location – Gibbon Sanctuary, Eastern Assam
Type – Wild

some kind of Morinda.

May be Morinda angustifolia.

Confirmed Morinda angustifolia 

Morinda angustifolia ? SM013 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).
Habit: Shrub

Habitat: Village thickets

Flowering: April

Location: Tatulia, Panchagar

Seems to be Morinda angustifolia


MS March,2018 Undershrub for ID : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Location : Tamdil, Mizoram

Date : 21-04-2016
Habit : Epiphytic herb
Habitat : Both wild & cultivated


Seems to be some species of Morinda (Morinda angustifolia?)

Some Morinda spp?

This is Morinda angustifolia

I think this is Morinda angustifolia


MORINDA ANGUSTIFOLIA : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

Attaching a collage of Morinda angustifolia (ASHO/ DARHHARIDRA/ ASU-GOCH).

I saw this plant for the first time at Tezpor in a bamboo grove. That was in 2002. When I saw it at Cooch Behar in 2006, I was thrilled. But that plant disappeared  in two years time. But I saw it in a new location. Now I find that missing. I have located the plant in some bamboo groves recently. I don’t know how long these will survive..

I do not know what the normal life span of a morinda is. I have seen some in Narendrapur, RK mission gardens, but they were struggling. I am not sure what is the ideal growth requirements. may be some horticulturists or biologists botanists studying  fruit trees can fore sure provide the information. i am sending to all who i think would be helpful or knowledgeable

They are perennials. They live for more than 20 years as I have observed in many places. The trees would have disappeared due to  human intervention .

Ah, thanks. so its not a very long lived tree. i know of some mango trees that are around for much longer than my parents on this earth. that would be more than a century. so noni tree is short lived. and may be they don’t like water-logging. just like some sesbania trees that my gardener said once: “they don’t like wet feet.”

my sesbania died from waterlogging.

I really do not know how many years these trees live. I have just stated that I have observed them in living condition for more than 20 years.  They continued to live even after.  Perhaps they may live longer.

oh. my mistake. so horticultrists need to chip in. i want to know


UP-Meghalay 5 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Is it Morinda fruit? whats the round ball like feature enclosed in the fruit?

Yes, probably Morinda citrifolia

thanks. puzzled about the ball-like feature pl.

Fruit-like plant galls are occasionally seen.

Oks. Thanks.

More likely to be Morinda angustifolia Roxb. as per comparative images at Morinda   


Request for ID of flower – 290412SC2:  Posting photo of flower for Id.
Date/Time –
16.04.2012 / 10.40 a.m.

Location – Place – Gibbon Sanctuary, Eastern Assam
Habitat – Garden/ Urban/ Wild / Type – Wild

Looks like Morinda sp. to me.

Morinda species as suggested by …

I think this is close to images at Morinda angustifolia Roxb. as per comparative images at Morinda

Tree 1: 3 images.
Kindly identify this wild tree

Date, elevation and location please !

Please check Morinda sp, Rubiaceae

Yes, it is Morinda angustifolia Roxb. as per images and details herein.



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