by Pankaj Kumar (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more photos & complete details, click
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Stapelia gigantea !!: Got these beautiful babies for our garden today from the local market.
They look strange but beautiful.
Hope you will like them.
The big one if for … to come back… 🙂 and for … for coming back !!

Wonderful …, I haven’t seen that plant for real. Enjoy growing them.

you are smiling… so may be it did not stink????
extraordinary sight..
I though they are always very big…



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Stapellia gigantea
At my garden, grown in pot flowered in Aug19 and again in Sept 19

Location : Chennai outskirts
Date :11.08.2019,13.08.2019,11.09.2019
Elevation : 23 mts.

please correct the spelling as Stapelia gigantea.

Sorry for the typo.

yes and can it be purchased ?