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Micromelum minutum is a species of small trees or shrubs, of the citrus plant family Rutaceae.
They grow naturally from northern and eastern Australia, through Malesia and the South Pacific to Indochina and India.
They grow as an understorey plants in humid forests including rainforest, montane forest and gallery forest.[1]
They grow as tall shrubs or small trees to 8 m tall with pinnate leaves approximately 30 cm (12 in) long. Green or cream flowers are followed by ovate berries about 1 cm (0 in) long that change colour from green to bright red passing through shades of yellow and orange. As the fruits ripen at different rates the plants often display distinctive clusters of multicoloured berries.[2]
The species has a number of common names throughout its range including Lime Berry, Micromelum, Tulibas Tilos, Talafalu and Chememar.[1][3]
The species has traditionally been used medicinally throughout its range and recent scientific analysis has revealed a range of physiologically active compounds including anticoagulants, anti-carcinogens and anti-bacterials.[1][4][5]
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