Tillandsia ionantha Planch., Fl. Serres Jard. Eur. 10: 101 1855. (Syn: Pityrophyllum erubescens Beer [Illegitimate]; Tillandsia erubescens H.Wendl. [Illegitimate]);



Sky Plant in my Home Garden 18 Sep 2012: Tillandsia ionantha or Sky Plant in flowers at my home garden. This Bromeliaceae epiphytic plant grows on cliffs and tree trunks in Mexico. They are also seen growing along electrical conductors running across valleys hence the name Sky Plant. Besides moisture they do not need any soil to sustain.

Excellent capture…and a prized possession..

A friend of mine is working on ecology and distribution of T. usneoides for her doctoral program here.
It’s an interesting group, surprisingly with more than 600 species (TPL).


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