Syringa emodi Wall. ex Royle, Ill. Bot. Himal. Mts. 267 1835. (Syn: Syringa emodi f. aurea (Carrière) Schelle; Syringa emodi var. aurea Carrière; Syringa emodi f. aureovariegata (Rehder) McKelvey; Syringa emodi var. aureovariegata Rehder; Syringa emodi var. elegantissima Ottol.; Syringa emodi var. variegata Kleef; Syringa tibetica P.Y.Pai; Syringa villosa var. aurea (Carrière) Rehder; Syringa villosa var. aureovariegata (Rehder) Rehder; Syringa villosa subsp. emodi (Wall. ex Royle) A.E.Murray; Syringa villosa var. emodi (Wall. ex Royle) Rehder; Syringa vulgaris var. emodi (Wall. ex Royle) Jaub.);
Nepal; Pakistan; Tibet; West Himalaya as per Catalogue of Life;
Pakistan to C. Himalaya and Tibet (Jilang Xian) as per WCSP;
This tree was shot from the Trek…strangely for me I have a single picture to share…can it get the identification done?

it is Syringa emodi

Images 2,3,4 by D.S.Rawat (For more images & complete details, click on the links)


Syringa emodi (Oleaceae) From Uttarakhand: DSR_1/1_June2016 :

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Syringa emodi Wall. ex
Royle (Oleaceae) is a small tree in upper montane forests of Uttarakhand.
It is
common and offers a beautiful flowering in June.
Here photographed in
Sunderdhunga valley (timberline area),
Bageshwar District of Uttarakhand.
eFI page on this species
lacks flowering stage, hence posting the suitable pics.


Small tree for ID: 011111 SRANA 01 Tree from Paddar Valley Kishtwar J&K: Request for identification

Date: 2nd August 2011
Location: Barnaj Nallah in Paddar Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 3021 meters asl
GPS: 33.42 N and 76.34 S
Plant Habit/habitat: Wild small tree
Plant height: 2-5 meters

Could this be a species belong to the family Oleaceae?

Appears to be some Olea

I guess the picture is of Syringa emodi. 

Thanks, … You appears to be right as per Syringa emodi Wall. ex Royle 

not very clear but try Syringa emodi


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