A.aspera is a perennual shrub growing up to 3 m in height, white pith which is known as sola and used for making hats, floats and floral decorations. It has hispid calyx and fruit echinulate
A. indica is an annual herb, usually under 1 m, without soft white pith, calyx glabrous and white non-echinulate.
In A.indica the pods are indented on lower margin only.

In A. aspera, the pod margin is indented at both margins; also with more leaflet pairs [30-35] when compared with A. indica.   
According to FoP number of the leaflets of –
Species : Aeschynomene aspera Linn.
H & H : shrub beside a pond
Date : 5/10/12, 2.10 p.m.
Place : Hooghly


Hooghly Today : Aeschynomene aspera L.:

This is Hedysarum lagenarium R. = Aeschynomene aspera L. = SHOLA or PHOOL SHOLA (ফুল শোলা)
ID Help :


Wild Plant For ID : Bangalore : 03DEC14 : AK-9 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3) 
Wild plant with tiny yellow flowers seen near a lake on 9/11/14.

Aeschynomene species, may be A. aspera 

Thanks again. Does look like the suggested id. 


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