Gymnema species ?;



Jarandeshwar, Satara Flora: please give some hint to trace the identity of this plant.
Locality: Jarandeshwar hill, Near Satara, Maharashtra

Distribution: Occasional, only one individual located.
Habit: Climber growing on shrub of Carissa carundus
Stem: Hairy, violet tinge on one side, quadrangular, max 0.5 mm diameter
Leaves: Papery, subopposite, hairy, 3-5 x 2-3 cm, ovate.
Flowers: Greenish, small, ca 3 mm long in terminal racemes,
Sepals: 5, hairy, green, 2.5 mm long

Again attaching 3 more photographs of the same plant from different angles,
Pl give some clue,

Can it be any Pentatropis spp. belonging to Asclepiadaceae

Identification based merely on leaves is never decisive.
This is not Pentatropis. Pentatropis is a littoral species commonly occuring as a mangrove associate.

This one might be Gymnema sps.


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