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Cherry plum, myrobalan plum
Wild deciduous tree growing wild in Kashmir,
Photographed from Dachhigam forest.

Posted earlier, Photinia suggested by …

Ornamental plant seen in Sept, 2011.

No please, it is Black cherry plum Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ commonly grown as ornamental tree.


Ornamental for ID : Srinagar : 070512 : AK-1: A small ornamental, cultivated garden tree/shrub.
Seen in the gardens of Srinagar on the 10th of Sept,12.
Purplish brown leaves, no flowers or fruits when picture was taken.
Height of the tree/shrub around 5 feet.
Kindly id.

perhaps a coleus ?

The margin has been on my mind, not coleus…
and not purple amaranth, nor is it celosia… the usual suspects  in indian seeds business or gardens
Come to think of it, this may be Eupatorium rugosum often grown as a shrub , in europe… i have not seen it in the hot gangetic plains

I imagine if this can be some Rosaceae, Photinia sp.

The leaves did look exactly like the Rose leaf…only they were reddish brown in color and no flowers.
When I saw this ornamental bush, Rose is what came to my mind first.

I said rose family, not Rose in particular. My genus guess is Photinia.

I know what you meant.
I was also trying to say the leaves looked similar to the Rose leaves….not the Rose plant.
Rose came to my mind on seeing the leaves.
Sir ji, one of the picture is taken at the Moghul Gardens Cheshmeshahi.
If you happen to visit the place, do keep a lookout.
…, on searching for Photinia, it does resemble my plant.
Thanks for the possible id.

A reply from another thread:
“No please, it is Black cherry plum Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ commonly grown as ornamental tree.”



Ornamental Tree For ID : California : 18OCT14 : AK-7 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5).
A common Avenue tree seen in Fremont and Sacramento on 28th Sept and 7th Oct,14.

No flowers or fruits when the picture was taken.
Was informed that these trees get small red Cherry like fruits. 

Is it Prunus cerasifera Nigra?
Kindly validate.

I think you are right, …

Yes …

The Black Cherry Plum.

Pictures taken in Sacramento. 


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