Solidago virgaurea subsp. asiatica Kitam. ex Hara, Enum. Sperm. Jap. 2: 260 (1952) 260 1952. (Syn: Solidago japonica Kitam.);

Solidago virgaurea subsp. asiatica_RKC01_02102012: Solidago virgaaurea ssp. asiatica Kitam. ex Hara

Loc.: Daejeon, S. Korea
Date: 19 August 2012

Thanks Ritesh ji for upload.

Looks very similar to our plant. Would be interesting to know how this (earlier name S. japonica) differes from S. vitga-aurea s s

Thanks for asking this question. I found the protologue of S. japonica today that states:
Solidago japonica Kitamura sp. nov.
Ab illa involucre angustiore 5 mm. longo, squamis imbricates apice obtusis, extimis multo-brevioribus ovatis circ. 1 mm. longis distinguenda. Typus- Prov. Yamashiro: Mt. Hiei (X. 1920 G. Koidzumi- in Herb. Univ. Imp. Kioto). Nom. Jp. Akino-Kirinso- Somokuzusetsu ed. Makino. IV. P. 1022. fig.
Whereas the flora of Japan says: ssp. virgaurea differs in having broadly campanulate involucres and densely pilose achenes.
I would take the photographs of the achenes and upload here soon. 


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