Dipcadi concanense (Dalzell) Baker, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 11: 399 1870. (Syn: Ornithogalum concanense (Dalzell) J.C.Manning & Goldblatt; Uropetalon concanense Dalzell);
Images by Rekha Shahane



Hello : Its Dipkadi cocanense from Ratnagiri: These photographs are taken on 3rd Sept.’12 at Ratnagiri ( Maharshtra )
And to my surprise, I could click all stages from flower to seed dispersal on the same day !
Isn’t it amazing ?

Lucky to have spotted these stages all in one day, sharp eyes.

Please read as Dipcadi instead of Dipkadi

This endemic Dipcadi was mentioned as Extinct in Indian Red Data Book and IUCN Red List 1997. However, it was rediscovered after more than 100 years. This picture is really a great wealth for eFI.

Thanks for showing this rarest Dipcadi.

Thanks for your extremely exiting information really!! Great!!

Feel great as a contributor to eFl group. And also feel blessed with Dear … words as,

“Very nice , lucky you
and sharp eyes to spot these stages in its life”

(Amateur’s eye also can do many things perhaps!)

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I have an inquiry to all of you that as i am working on Genus Dipcadi Family Liliaceae of Maharashtra so i am searching for locations of its species. As have collected most of them but in case of Dipcadi concanense i want more data on its collection sites. If anyone has collected the plant from anywhere in Maharashtra please forward me the details of site of collection

Pl. see Dipcadi concanense, posted by …



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