Zingiber diwakarianum, R.Kr. Singh, Indian J. Forest. 34(2): 245 (-248; figs.). 2011 [Jun 2011];






KAS Week::(Zingiberaceae for ID from KAS -10/10/2012-NJ): Zingiberaceae (Wild ginger) For identification
Photo taken on 20/09/2008


Yes, this is Z. diwakarianum (earlier name Z. neesanum was mis-applied hence changed) in fruiting stage. Image of flowering spike attached. It grows among clumps of shrubs on the plateau and flowers in July.


Zingiber diwarkaram:  Zingiber diwarkaram or old name Zingiber neesanum at Mahabeleshwar

many thanks to … for pointing out this one

Clicked during a trekking trip to Peth Killa : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1).

Please identify this plant

It is Zingiber diwakarianum R.Kr.Singh [Zingiberaceae].

Please refer to the attached paper by R. Kr. Singh.

Attachments (1)- Zingiber_diwakarianum.pdf- 2 MB

This looks like Zingiber neesanum. Please check this link :

Google Groups

This is Zingiber diwakarianum. The allied Z. neesanum is a different plant with a white corolla.

The differences between these two species are illustrated in the paper attached in my previous email.




Zingiber neesanum : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3).

Zingiber neesanum

last weekend (3.8.14)

seen at several places around khandala


This plant was described as Zingiber diwakarianum by R. Kr. Singh in 2011.
According to his paper (attached herewith), this plant has been “wrongly identified as Z. neesanum” over the years. The differences between these two species are illustrated in the attached paper.




Zingiber diwakarianum

Please validate.

nice. could I get to see the whole plant please

Your ID is right …



Fwd: Identification of Zingiberaceae species. : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).

I have collected the species from Gaganbawda, Kolhapur on 17 Aug,  2014. Please validate the identification of attached images of  species.

Zingiber diwakarianum i think


Please ID : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).

Looks like dried inflorescence Zingiber diwakarianum



identification no 180415sn1-Zingiber diwakarianum? : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

Kindly help in identification. Zingiber diwakarianum?

location: aambyvalley rd., lonavala, pune
plant habit:herb?

height:4-5 ft.

Yes it is correct.

Zingiber diwarkaram, Mahabeleshwar : 10 posts by 4 authors.
Zingiber diwarkaram,
third week of June, 2018, Mahabeleshwar
saw a couple of plants in bloom

Published by R. Kr. Singh

Zingiber divakarianum

Forwarded these images to Dr. Diwakar and he was so happy!

Thank You … for appreciation and many thanks

… for forwarding these images made me happy too





This was seen by the roadside near Tamhini ghat near Pune, MH in Aug 2019.
Hopefully this is Zingiber diwakarianum.


Beautiful post but it would have been much better to view if images were rotated before posting

Thanks … Trying to upload pics again with correct orientation.

I am unable to upload with correct orientation, am not sure why

You have to rotate image at source, i.e., laptop.

I have done that already, but it is not reflecting here.

Attachments (6)

Thank you … for uploading pics in the right orientation! 🙂

To me, Zingiber diwakarianum.





Zingiber neesanum flowering: Photographed at Khandala over the weekend.

I think this will be Zingiber diwakarianum as per images and details herein

Zingiber Neesanum – 260611-PKA1:  Came across this herb at Kas, Satara (Maharashtra).
Date/Time: 25-06-2011/ 11:15AM
Bot. name: Zingiber neesanum
Family: Zingiberaceae

Are you sure about the id Z. neesanum?

… my belief same as … … me too have spotted this plant at various places around Pune and Satara at high altitudes.
Here is another view captured by me, of the same particular plant of ….

… and a link showing list of photos of this plant by everyone at flickr:
Please do let us know if this ID is far from Zingiber neesanum … and thus what would (more likely) this plant be.

Am not much sure about the identity of the plant in the picture.
But am sure its not Zingiber neesanum…!!!
Usually Z. neesanum has slender spikes with brown, reddish- green bracts.
Also the flowers are white in colour with purple or pink spotted or striped labellum. I have some images with me, but misplaced some where. I shall upload the pictures later.

Anyway… when I searched through google, the plant similar to the above image appeared…!!!
So I had to refer the book “Zingiberaceae & Costaceae of South India” authored by Dr. Sabu ( University of Calicut) to confirm my observations….!!!
Inviting expert comments…!!!

It is not Z. neesanum
It is a new species (Or new genus – i want confirmation from my friend).

Even i am a little confused over it…
I am sending the one i found at Kaas…

This is one of the most confusing gingers of India. I have been looking for the type and protologue but the type is missing and the protologue is insufficient for confirmation. But tentatively now placed in Z. neesanum
however further studies are essential. Recently this is published as Z. divakanii from Pune. I will sent a pdf version of the paper later.

“Plant Discoveries 2011 by BSI” has mentioned about Zingiber diwakarianum R Kr Singh.
… in his reply has mentioned that this is published as Z. diwakarnii from Pune. It will be really interesting to see this paper and see if the plant posted by me earlier from Kas and similar plants seen in Mahabaleshwar and other regions of Sahyadri are Z. diwakarianum.

I think this will be Zingiber diwakarianum as per images and details herein.

Z. divakarianum

According to the current circumscription of the names mentioned above, this plant represents Zingiber diwakarianum R Kr Singh.

As … mentioned, there’s confusion over the identity of Z. diwakarianum and Z. neesanum. However, it’s difficult to come to a conclusion right now with the scanty protologue and absence of type specimens.

Zingiber neesanum

you have habit photo?

I think this will be Zingiber diwakarianum as per images and details herein.

Zingiberaceae Sp for ID. Photo taken near Kas during monsoon season

Has it been identified as Zingiber diwakarianum ?


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