Leccinum scabrum (Bull.) Gray, 1821 (Syn: Boletus albus Gillet, 1881; Boletus avellaneus J. Blum, 1970; Boletus gilletii Sacc. & Cub., 1888; Boletus niveus Fr., 1815; Boletus oxydabilis (Singer) J. Blum, 1970 …; Boletus roseofractus (Watling) Hlaváček, 1988; Boletus rotundifoliae (Singer) S. Lundell, 1959; Boletus rotundifoliae (Singer) S. Lundell, 1959; Boletus scaber Bull., 1783 ………………………………….; Ceriomyces scaber (Bull.) Murrill, 1909; Gyroporus scaber (Bull.) Quél., 1886 …; Krombholzia oxydabilis Singer, 1938; Krombholzia rotundifoliae Singer, 1938; Krombholzia scabra (Bull.) P. Karst., 1881 ……………..; Krombholziella avellanea (J. Blum) Alessio, 1985 (ambiguous synonym); Krombholziella avellanea (J. Blum) Bon, 1986 (ambiguous synonym); Krombholziella nivea (Opat.) Alessio, 1985; Krombholziella oxydabilis (Singer) Šutara, 1982; Krombholziella roseofracta (Watling) Šutara, 1982; Krombholziella rotundifoliae (Singer) Šutara, 1982; Krombholziella scabra (Bull.) Maire, 1937; Krombholziella subcinnamomea (Pilát & Dermek) Alessio, 1985; Leccinum avellaneum (J. Blum) Bon, 1979; Leccinum niveum (Opat.) Rauschert, 1987; Leccinum oxydabile (Singer) Singer, 1947 (ambiguous synonym); Leccinum oxydabile sensu auct. brit.; Leccinum rigidipes P. D. Orton, 1988; Leccinum roseofractum Watling, 1968; Leccinum rotundifoliae (Singer) A. H. Sm., Thiers & Watling, 1967; Leccinum scabrum var. avellaneum (J. Blum) J. A. Muñoz, 2005 …………….; Leccinum subcinnamomeum Pilát & Dermek, 1974; Leccinum umbrinoides sensu auct. brit.; Suillus albus Henn., 1898; Suillus gilletii (Sacc. & Cub.) Kuntze, 1898; Trachypus scaber (Bull.) Romagn., 1939; Trachypus scaber f. scaber (Bull.) Romagn., 1939);                            


Mushroom Birkenpilz-(LECCINUM SCABRUM): here is the next edible mushroom, Birkenpilz-(LECCINUM SCABRUM).
Birkenpilz suggest that this mushroom grows only under Birch (Birke) tree. This is why it is important to know, where the mushroom grows. There are some other mushrooms also growing under Birch and are very
This one is a good edible mushroom.

this is very important. somehow something poisonous mushroom also grows there If I remember. did u see them?


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