Tulipa clusiana DC., Liliac. 1: t. 37 1803. (Syn: Liriactis albiflora Raf.; Tulipa aitchisonii A.D.Hall; Tulipa aitchisonii subsp. cashmiriana A.D.Hall; Tulipa aitchisonii var. clusianoides Wendelbo; Tulipa chitralensis A.D.Hall; Tulipa chrysantha Boiss.; Tulipa clusiana f. cashmeriana (A.D.Hall) Raamsd.; Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha (A.D.Hall) Sealy; Tulipa clusiana f. clusianoides (Wendelbo) S.Dasgupta & Deb; Tulipa clusiana f. diniae Raamsd.; Tulipa clusiana f. fernandezii (Blatt.) S.Dasgupta & Deb; Tulipa clusiana f. porphyreochrysantha (Blatt.) S.Dasgupta & Deb; Tulipa clusiana var. rubroalba (Brot.) Nyman; Tulipa clusiana f. stellata (Hook.) S.Dasgupta & Deb; Tulipa clusiana var. stellata (Hook.) Regel; Tulipa fernandezii Blatt.; Tulipa hafisii Bornm. & Gauba; Tulipa hispanica Willd. ex Schult. & Schult.f.; Tulipa leichtlinii Regel; Tulipa linifolia f. chrysantha (Boiss.) Raamsd.; Tulipa montana var. chrysantha (Boiss.) Regel; Tulipa porphyreochrysantha Blatt.; Tulipa praecox Cav.; Tulipa rubroalba Brot.; Tulipa stellata Hook.; Tulipa stellata var. chrysantha A.D.Hall; Tulipa undulata Jacquem. ex Baker);

Images by Suresh Rana


Bot. name: Tulipa clusiana

Family: Liliaceae
Location: Paddar valley J&K
Altitude: 2000 meters asl
Date: 19th April 2012

Seeing it after a long time. We used to pull out bulbs in our childhood and eat them raw, very delicious. This year I saw only one plant in Pahalgam, but flower was almost dried.

you just highlighted a social habit that in innocence in childhood … ultimately help reduce the plant numbers…

May be cultivar ‘Lady Jane’ as per


Tulipa clusiana for validation- NS March 2018:: 02 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)

Please find the pics of this interesting herb, recorded from a wheat field near Dehradun, Uttrakhand in March 2018. I hope it can be Tulipa clusiana, but validation is required.. few flowers were pentamerous..

These links have suggested even more firmly in favour of Tulipa clusiana
The only other Tulipa which closely resembles is Tulipa edulis
Hope to get further inputs..

Why stamens look different?