Grass for ID – 211012 – RK2: Pics taken in Lalbagh, Bangalore – 14/10/12 at 10am.

you getting into grass too!
a useful genre but difficult for me
hope … and his group sees this before long
then you’ll have the answers

I am trying, but wild guess….. Hemarthria (Rottboellia) species?

This is Stenotaphrum secundatum also called St. Augustine grass, a popular lawn grass which grows well under shade. The inflorescence is secund, which means all the spikelets are arranged only on one side of the rachis. There is another indigenous grass species found in the coastal areas of India, called Stenotaphrum dimidiatum, which looks similar. However, since this photo is from Lalbagh, it should be the exotic species S.secundatum.

Stenotaphrum secundatum (Walter) Kuntze SN Nov 26 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4)

Stenotaphrum secundatum (Walter) Kuntze,
ornamental shade grass from a garden lawn



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