Piper aduncum L., Sp. Pl. 29 1753. (Syn: Artanthe adunca (L.) Miq. .; Artanthe cearensis Miq.; Artanthe celtidifolia (Kunth) Miq.; Artanthe elongata (Vahl) Miq. ..; Artanthe galeottii Miq.; Artanthe galleoti Miq.; Artanthe granulosa Miq.; Artanthe velloziana Miq.; Lepianthes granulatum Raf. (Unresolved); Piper aduncifolium Trel.; Piper aduncum var. laevifolium C. DC.; Piper anguillaespicum Trel.; Piper angustifolium Ruiz & Pav. [Illegitimate]; Piper cardenasii Trel.; Piper celtidifolium Kunth; Piper cuatrecasasii Trel.; Piper cumbricola Trel. .; Piper disparispicum Trel.; Piper elongatifolium Trel.; Piper elongatum Vahl …; Piper fatoanum C. DC.; Piper flavescens (C. DC.) Trel.; Piper guanaianum C. DC.; Piper herzogii C. DC.; Piper illudens Trel.; Piper intersitum f. porcecitense Trel.; Piper kuntzei C. DC.; Piper lineatum var. hirtipetiolatum Trel.; Piper multinervium M. Martens & Galeotti; Piper multinervium Trel. …………….; Piper nonconformans Trel.; Piper oblanceolatum var. fragilicaule Trel.; Piper pseudovelutinum var. flavescens C. DC.; Piper purpurascens D. Dietr.; Piper reciprocum Trel.; Piper stevensonii Trel. & Standl.; Piper submolle Trel.; Steffensia adunca (L.) Kunth; Steffensia angustifolia Kunth; Steffensia celtidifolia (Kunth) Kunth; Steffensia elongata (Vahl) Kunth); 


What Piper is it?: A shrub or small tree to 4 m tall, 2-3 cm diameter, the bark green. ID is requested. Thank you

could this be Piper aduncum?
cultivated for flavoring coco?

Thank you for your relevant reply.

Searched … suggestion –

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