Succulent for ID : Pahalgam : 201012 : AK-2: A small ornamental, succulent seen at Pahalgam on 7/9/2011.

Echeveria species?

called hens and chicks… as in mother and kids

Now I recollect, I have photographed this before in a nursery in Nasik.
My picture is on ‘Flowersofindia’ site.

Most likely Sempervivum montanum

I am confused.
Similar looking succulent which I have photographed before in a Nasik nursery and which is on site has been identified as Echeveria elegans, common names Mexican Snowball, Hen and Chicks.
How do you differentiate between Echeveria and Sempervivum?
For a non botanist like me, both look the same.

Aarti ji if you look at leaves in Echeveria elegans the leaves are almost rounded with no cusp at tip, whereas in Sempervivum montanum the leaves are oblanceolate the tips cuspidate. The real differences are in flowers:

Echeveria: Corolla gamopetalous (petals united at base), corolla lobes thick and fleshy, stamens 10
Sempervivum: petals free, not thick, stamens more than 10

To check further Sempervivum montanum has leaves hairy on surface, S. tectorum leaves are totally glabrous. both have 10-20 petals and twice as many stamens as against only 5 calyx and corolla lobes and 10 stamen in Echeveria.

Yes and more
at least at my level of knowledge, I like to have the flowers to look at and dissect…
these two… echeveria and sempervivum can be difficult.. yet in California and american southwest area nurseries thety are both get labelled as hens and chicks and that’s what I was getting at …earlier…
I wish you had this plant in hand to answer our questions..

Both seem to share a common name ‘Hen & Chicks’



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Potted plant seen in Pahalgam on 7/9/2011.

Posted earlier, suggested id by … is Sempervivum montanum.
For validation.