Dubia-Cheshmashahi from Kashmir for ID-Mystery solved…….Achillea ptarmica ‘The Pearl’:
This plant was lying unsolved since 31-7-2010 having being uploaded earlier by me at efi thread
It seems it is good idea to interact in other forums also. I got it identified in Daves’ Garden Forum as Achillea ptarmica. I feel the cultivar name is ‘The Pearl’ with white double flowers.

You have solved my unidentified post to!! Kindly check for Achillea ptarmica ‘Angel’s Breath’. Just a guess.

I think you may be right. Link


Asteraceae Fortnight Part 1-Radiate heads: Achillea ptarmica ‘Angel Breath’ from Kashmir-GS11 : Attachments (2).  2 posts by 2 authors.
Achillea ptarmica L. ‘Angels Breath’

Perennial herb with linear to linear-lanceolate leaves up to 10 cm long, finely serrate to subentire, glabrous. Heads white in loose corymbs; disc florets yellow, ray white double in this cultivar.
Photographed from Cheshmashahi garden, Kashmir 


Garden Flower for ID : Srinagar : 300612 : AK-2: Seen at Mughal Garden Cheshmeshahi on 10/9/11. White flowers resembling Chrysanthemums but having different leaves. Id please.

Still lying in my unidentified folder.

Sorry….you had already given the id in another link as Achillea ptarmica ‘The Pearl’.


Achillea ptarmica ‘Angel’s Breath’ from Kashmir-GS14082021-1: 2 images.

Achillea ptarmica ‘Angel’s Breath’
A cultivar of Achillea ptarmica with double white flowers, photographed from Cheshma Shahi Garden, Srinagar, Kashmir, 26-6-2010.