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Brassicaceae Week: Aurinia saxatilis from Kashmir:

Aurinia saxatilis (L.) Desv,, J. Bot. Agric. 5: 162 1815.
syn: Alyssum saxatile L.
Common name: Golden tuft
Up to 45 cm tall perennial herb with 5-12 cm long oblanceolate to obovate-oblong petiolate basal leaves, obscurely toothed to entire, upper leaves sessile and smaller; flowers golden yellow, in compact corymbose panicles elongating in fruit; petals golden-yellow, emarginate at tip; siliqua suborbicular, compressed, glabrous pointed.
Similar looking Alyssum murale produces smaller yellow flowers with entire petals and hairy fruit.  
Photographed from Badam Vari Garden in Srinagar, Kashmir.


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