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Please find attached an image of a flower taken in Ladakh at an elevation of 5175 meters in August 2016. Kindly help in it’s identification.

Please check Saussurea gnaphalodes

Sirs, Yes it is, thanks for your kind help.

Unfortunately when I checked with the plate in Staintons book, there is no certain clarity.

Saussurea gnaphalodes  


SK985 17 FEB-2018 : 9 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)- around 800 kb each.

Location : Way to Khardung La, India
Altitude: Around  15-16000 
Date:  24 August 2014
Habit : Wild
Saussurea sp…?? Which one ??

SK985 18 FEB-2018

Again this picture look like premature or flowering stage of Saussurea glacilis Herder.

As per records available with me I can confirm both these with the species Saussurea gnaphaloides species.

Thank you … Saussurea gnaphalodes (Royle) Sch. Bip.

Saussurea gnaphalodes.