images by Ranjini Kamath; id by Prashant Awale 

It is erythrina mitis confirmed from the lalbagh species

nice flowers
but I am confused… do the seed pods in the earlier submission belong to the same tree and go with the second set of pictures?
and do have close up of the leaf?

The names in the first picture were wrong as I identified it wrongly

But they all are belong to erythrina mitis
Leaves are in the first picture



Erythrina mitis – 210114 – RK 2 : Attachments (3). 1 post by 1 author,
Huge tree. Lalbagh,Bangalore – 05/01/2014 – morning



Flowering Tree for ID-150210-RK : Attachments (4 + 3). 15 posts by 9 authors.

Is this Palash? I have seen only the orange-coloured variety-Butea monosperma.
Would appreciate full ID & other details/info of this tree. Pic taken in Lalbagh on 14-02-10 around 9am.

I have seen only the flamed variety of Butea monosperma. Except the colour it has has every character of the Palash tree.

It is a species of Erythrina (pl observe the cylindric pods).

Which var. of Erytrina.

I too feel it is species of Erythrina. Check for Erythrina mitis?.

Thank you for the lead.This definitely matches the pics i have sent.

Flowers look like Erythrina sandwicensis

please check the link

Thank you Amit ji but this does not look like the flowers whose pics i have sent. I can only go by the looks of the flower shown in the link-will not be able to describe in Botanical terms tho..

I hope this plant is Erythrina abyssinica.

It does seem to be some species of erythrina. Please check the link

… I think this Erythrina mitisShady Coral Tree. Pictures of one more tree in Lalbagh.12/01/2014