Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. subsp. integrifolia (H. West) Thell. var. rugosa (Roxb.) M. Tsen & S. H. Lee, Hortus Sinicus 2:19. 1942 (Syn: Brassica juncea var. agrestis Prain; (=) “Brassica juncea var. capitata M. Tsen & S. H. Lee, nom. nud.“; (=) Brassica juncea var. cuneifolia (Roxb.) Kitam.; (≡) Brassica juncea subsp. rugosa (Roxb.) Prain (previously associated with 10 accessions); (≡) Brassica rugosa (Roxb.) L. H. Bailey
(previously associated with 4 accessions); (=) Sinapis cuneifolia Roxb.; (≡) Sinapis rugosa Roxb. (basionym));
Images by Gurcharan Singh & Aarti Khale 




20032012GS1 foliage plant for ID from Delhi: This foliage plant is commonly cultivated like Kale in Delhi and has large red leaves. I knew its name but some how not able to recollect. The leaves may grow up to 50 cm in length. Photographed in February in Delhi.

I am not sure but this looks like Chard, Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla.

I thought it was a crucifer.

I also thought the same, but it is not. There are two small plants just below our office balcony planted by someone. Commonly used in chinese curry or salad or just like that :P… Here is a bad pic taken for you just now.

Chard I think looks much different from my plant. I will check my plant in a few days, hope it flowers. I am pretty sure it is a crucifer, unless my memory is failing with age. Wish I had recorded its name when I knew it.

Thanks …, this finally got resolved

Brassica juncea var. rugosa

Brassicaceae Week : Brassica juncea var. rugosa : Cabbage Leaf Mustard : Delhi : 061112 : AK:

Sharing pictures of Cabbage Leaf Mustard from Delhi & Gurgaon.
Pictures taken in Feb,2012.
Identified from

Brassicaceae Week: Brassica juncea var. rugosa from Delhi: Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. subsp. integrifolia (H. West) Thell. var. rugosa (Roxb.) M. Tsen & S. H. Lee

Syn: Sinapsis rugosa Roxb.
Common names: Cabbage-leaf-mustard, head mustard
This variety of mustard with large undivided mostly red leaves and rough surface is commonly grown as foliage plant in winter in Delhi. This plant was lying unidentified for a long time, myself forgetting its name, but thanks to … for identifying this or me.


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