Wild ‘saunf’ Pangi i.d. al111011:
This is a plant in Pangi.. the seed of which are roasted and eaten.. or in tea.. even put in paronthas…

Location Pangi, Himachal
Altitude 3000 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Height 20 inches

There seems to be no relation with saunf. Please indicate the local name.

No idea sir,….
the village lady who made our ‘Paronthas’ pointed this out and said it was also roasted and chewed like saunf…..

i think it is Carum carvi.

I think you are right
Carum carvi


Carum carvi- Hunder, Nubra, Ladakh: 17 images- 10 high res.
In the wild area of a hotel, in Hunder, in Nubra, Ladakh, on 16.6.22.



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