Vanuatu to New Caledonia; Introduced into: Fiji as per POWO;


Ornamental for ID : Mumbai : 061112 : AK-1:
An ornamental plant at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on 18/11/2011.
Some kind of Basket Fern Species?

I think this is Blechnum gibbum, a dwarf tree fern. I have one of these with me. When the humidity falls or the heat increases, its leaves turn brown on the tips.

Share pic of the under surface please. Blechnum will have sori on the mid vein. I agree with …

Thanks for a possible id.

Well it isn’t just a “possible ID” for the Blechnum – I should have said more directly in my previous identification, it IS B. gibbum, which I know well and used to grow in a greenhouse in Wales. But the Davallia isn’t really showing enough. If not mariesii, it might perhaps be D. canariensis, whose sterile fronds look similar, also well known in cultivation internationally.




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