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Plant for ID : 30/11/2011 SMP2 Purandar Fort.: Plant from Purandar fort 27 Nov 2011
Small herb.
Leaves appearing clustered.
Flowers tiny 2-4 mm
Is it Euphorbia thymifolia ? I have seen E.thymifolia as bigger plant than this.

Yes Euphorbia thymifolia I think

Pl also check it for Euphorbia cristata (= Chamaesyce cristata).

This Euphorbia comes near to E. pycnostegia Boiss., but there are some minor differences from that species. For the present you can tentatively put it as Euphorbia pycnostegia Boiss. var zornioides (Boiss.) Santapau. This species is commonly found in the Western Ghats of Maharastra and Karnataka.
You may refer to the book, “The genus Euphorbia L. (Euphorbiaceae) in India: A taxonomic revision” by M.S. Binojkumar & N.P. Balakrishnan, published in 2010 by M/S Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehra Dun.

I think … is correct. I am attaching a compressed image of Euphorbia pycnostegia.

I think it could have been a novitate. Please inform the photographer to collect a good specimen, preserve it and make a good description and drawing. Then compare it with the description given in … book. It is indeed close to Euphorbia pycnostegia but it is not the same. I have seen E. pycnostegia and also var. zornioides in field. The present photos do not match properly.

If I happen to go there and find the specimen I would be able to collect it. Till then mystery remains. Thanks again for keenly examining and opining on the plant.





Euphorbia sp for ID?? 02122013-PKA3 : Attachments (12). 4 posts by 4 authors. 
Seen this Euphorbia sp. at Lonavala region. Requesting ID for this herb..
Date/Time: 1st December/ 10:30AM
Habitat: Wild ( in abandoned field)
Location: Lonavala region
Altitude: 630m (approx).
Plant Habit: Herb (almost 1m tall with red coloured stem)

Family: Euphorbiaceae.

This species is Euphorbia pycnostegia Boiss,, common in plateau areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka.


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