Thlaspi griffithianum (Boiss.) Boiss., Fl. Nouv. Calédonie Dépend. 1: 329 1867. (Syn: Carpoceras griffithianum Boiss.; Thlaspi cochleariforme subsp. griffithianum (Boiss.) Jafri; Thlaspi wendelboi Rech.f.);
Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir as per Flora of Pakistan;



Brassicaceae Week: Thlaspi griffithianum from Kashmir: The placement is temporary as several species have recently been transferred to genus Noccaea, and things are not very clear with the Plant List.

Thlaspi griffithianum (Boiss.) Boiss., Fl. Or. 1: 329. 1867
Closely similar to T. cochleariforme but differng n shorter and narrower fruits (4-5 mm long, 2-3 mm broad) and spreading to deflexed fruiting pedicels.

Photographed from Pahalgam, Kashmir.

Now placed in Noccaea griffithiana (Boiss.) F.K. Mey.