Cucumis melo L. subsp. agrestis (Naudin) Pangalo var. momordica , Field & garden crops 2:50. 1883 (Syn: (≡) Cucumis momordica Roxb. (basionym)); 

Cucurbitaceae Week: Cucumis melo subsp. melo Khakri from Rajasthan: This fruit popular in Rajasthan under the name Khakri was also seen by us in Pachmari, a cucumber like fruit but tasting more of a melon. I am not able to place with conclusion. Any information please. Could it be in any way related to Puna Kheera.

This looks like “Phoont” (local name) to me

Thanks …, I hope you are right: young fruit like cucumber, mature like melon. This is what we had seen in Pachmarhi also. Botanically Cucumis momordica Roxb. now correctly known as Cucumis melo L. subsp. agrestis var. momordica (Roxb.) Cogn.

I think this further resolves identity as Cucumis melo L. subsp. agrestis var. momordica (Roxb.) Cogn.




Seeking ID of Khakri from Rajasthan-11032013GS1 :  Uploading a fruit known as Khakri, oblong in shape reaching up to 20 cm in length with smooth orange-yellow skin and almost same coloured flesh. Locally consumed in Rajasthan. Reminds both of cucumber and melon. We had seen similar fruit in Pacmarhi nearly 30 years back. Any idea about is ID.

C. melo susp. agrestris var. momordica

It seems to be Melo and in locally known phoot kacharia.

Yes …, local name Phoot



This is sold as FOOTI / FUTI in local market and eaten as fruit.
Fruits are about 7 inch long, scented, recorded on 2/7/13.

did you take pictures of the whole and the skin

and point of attachment to the vine…

No Didi, after it was cut I thought of taking photographs, sorry, next time i will get entire fruit. Howerver, the skin is creamy-white with slight green tinge, kichu-kichu LAU er jamon thake.

Here is the entire fruit with skin.



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The fruit was bought from Kanpur-Agra highway. In local language it is known phoot.

If it’s Phoot, it should be Cucumis melo subsp. agrestis var. momordica

Thanks … It burst in 2 part when ripe.



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I am sending this photo for ID from our friends.


I cant find Phoot variety of cucumbers? …, do you have any ref? please

Do they all belong to one species ?? I think not. 

‘Phoot’ is the vernacular name of a type of ‘Kakdi” larger in girth and weaker in flavour. 
On ripening it bursts open revealing pale orange flesh. Tastes sweet but not much. Skin light green, will get lighter as matures. Dark skin variety might be there, I have not seen. It was planted with the idea that wild animals will help themselves with it and ‘Kakdi’ ‘Kheera’ will be spared. Was never a commercial crop. In my childhood it was common, now no more. In childhood school books english name was mentioned ‘squash’, now I think it was wrong.  

I guess this is normal Kakadi !

Majority of them look like Persian cucumber.

Botanical name should be Cucumis melo subsp. agrestis var. momordica as per details herein.