India: Hedges and open forests. W. tropical Himalayas ascending up to 1500 m. Punjab (Hoshiarpur), Uttar Pradesh (Dehra Dun, near Mussorie and Rishikesh) as per BSI Flora of India;
250-1100 m; Himalaya (Nepal, Sikkim), India as per Checklist of Nepal;


Aspidopterys wallichii from Morni Hills-Haryana :
This one is Aspidopterys wallichii Hook. f., Fl. Br. Ind. I: 421; 
A climbing shrub with slender, white pubescent branches. Leavesopposite, sometimes in whorls of three, simple, glabrescent above, white tomentose beneath, apex acute or subacute, base subcordate or rounded.Fruit of 1-3 samaras, wings variable, usually orbicular-oblong.
Photographed from near JBT Institute, Morni Town, October 2010. I am yet to see this in flowering stage despite my regular surveys of the area.



My Pending Identifications: Chakrata- shrub for id:: NS MARCH 22 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments(4).
This one was a shrub found in Chakrata area, my guess is Porana paniculata
please provide valuable inputs..

efi page on Poranopsis paniculata

it is Aspidopterys wallichii

This is rightly identified by … as Aspidopterys wallichii


SK 3259 25 December 2021: 9 very high res. images.

Location: Surkhet, West Nepal
Altitude:  820m.
Date: 27 August 2021 
Habit : Wild

I hope it is Aspidopterys..

Thank you … for the Genus ID.
But it looks like Aspidopterys cordata (B.Heyne ex Wall.) A.Juss.
Any possibility??

I agree with Aspidopterys cordata

In that case it would be a new addition to Nepal.
I expect further opinions from members !

I think Aspidopterys wallichii Hook.f., as per images and details herein.

Aspidopterys cordata (B.Heyne ex Wall.) A.Juss. does not have distribution in the area as per BSI Flora of India.

What you say …

Once check with keys …, with entire species profile.

I could not get keys for wallichii and cordata !

Available in BSI Flora of India.