India: Hedges and open forests. W. tropical Himalayas ascending up to 1500 m. Punjab (Hoshiarpur), Uttar Pradesh (Dehra Dun, near Mussorie and Rishikesh) as per BSI Flora of India;
250-1100 m; Himalaya (Nepal, Sikkim), India as per Checklist of Nepal;


Aspidopterys wallichii from Morni Hills-Haryana: This one is Aspidopterys wallichii Hook. f., Fl. Br. Ind. I: 421;  

A climbing shrub with slender, white pubescent branches. Leavesopposite, sometimes in whorls of three, simple, glabrescent above, white tomentose beneath, apex acute or subacute, base subcordate or rounded.Fruit of 1-3 samaras, wings variable, usually orbicular-oblong.
Photographed from near JBT Institute, Morni Town, October 2010. I am yet to see this in flowering stage despite my regular surveys of the area.

This one was a shrub found in Chakrata area, my guess is Porana paniculata
please provide valuable inputs..

efi page on Poranopsis paniculata 

it is Aspidopterys wallichii

This is rightly identified by … as Aspidopterys wallichii



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