Nephrolepis falcata (Cav.) C. Chr., Dansk Bot. Ark. 9(3): 15 15 1937. (Syn: Tectaria falcata Cav.);




ornamental fern (Hooghly): Attaching photos of two ornamental ferns, found in the compound of the grower.

Since these are for sharing only, not for ID, i attach both the plants in one mail. i think id can be easily obtained in the net.
I repeat this post is Not a request for id, for the ferns will grow without any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Nephrolepis falcata Forma furcans

OK, no ID – and could not see them all, but at least one is the well known cv. ‘Bostoniensis’, so I’d suggest consulting the works on Nephrolepis cultivars and also the monograph by Hovenkamp before using an incorrect name? Quite a lot has been published on them from Morton and Benedict onwards, and some photo books too.
Incidentally N. falcata, often reported as wild in India, is a mistake – see Hovenkamp.”

Yes Nephrolepis falcata.

The white spots along the margin on the upper surface of leaf is a characteristic of Nephrolepis.


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