Solidago virgaurea ?;

Garden Plant for ID : 260112 : Kenya : AK-3: Picture taken at Nairobi,Kenya on the 30/01/09.

A cultivated garden plant found in the botanical garden of Nairobi Museum.
Bushes around 5-6 feet in height with yellow flowers.
Kindly id.

Perhaps Solidago virga-aurea but needs confirmation



Asteraceae Fortnight : Part 1 – Radiate Heads : Solidago Species For ID : Nairobi,Kenya : 130513 : AK-27 :
Posted earlier on our group. (Garden Plant for ID : 260112 : Kenya : AK-3)

Suggested id by … was Solidago virga-aurea.
Plants were taller than the usual Golden Rods we come across commonly.
Picture taken on 30/1/2009, in Nairobi, Kenya.



identify the flower- 301012 SP 1:   Please help me to identify the flower attached.
Location – Chakrata.

Date: 10 th Oct 2012

Difficult to say without leaves and habit indication, but could be Solidago virgaaurea



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