Indigofera trita L.f. ?;


Indigofera sp.
Herb standing about 2 – 3 feet high, flower about 3 mm across, pod about an inch long, 2 – 3 mm wide. Hopefully someone may recognize this indigo plant.
at Yeoor Hills on October 31, 2010 

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It could be one of the varieties of Indigofera trita.

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Pl help me to identify the attached specimen of Indigofera.
The specimen was observed at Vellore on 27-12-15
The plant was trailing on the ground but the stem was little woody
Leaflets 5 and pubescent on both sides. Inflorescence axillary and flowers more than 12 numbers. The nearest match may be Indigofera hochstetteri

I collected a similar-looking plant at Tiruvannamalai and struggled to identify it. When Dr. Sanjappa visited FRLHT, he kindly identified it as Indigofera trita var. marginulata. Please check the relevant literature to see if the posted plant is matching to the description, and also post pictures of the entire plant and pods when possible.
The following key distinguishes the two varieties of Indigofera trita collected from Tiruvannamalai, TN.
1a  Branchlets herbaceous; leaves 5-foliolate, mixed with 3-foliolate ones; racemes more than 4 cm long; pods spreading, not spine-tipped ……var. marginulata
1b  Branchlets woody, spine-like; leaves always 3-foliolate; racemes less than 2 cm long; pods stiffly divaricate, spine-tipped …….. var. trita