Cerastium fontanum subsp. vulgare (Hartm.) Greuter & Burdet (Syn: Alsine trivialis E.H.L.Krause; Arenaria anomala (Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd.) Shinners; Cerastium alpestre Schur; Cerastium alpigenum Schur; Cerastium caespitosum Gilib. [Invalid]; Cerastium caespitosum Asch. ………; Cerastium connatum L.C.Beck; Cerastium fontanum subsp. balcanum Gartner ……….; Cerastium holosteoides Fr. ………; Cerastium macrocarpum Steven ex Ledeb. [Illegitimate]; Cerastium malachiforme Schur; Cerastium minus Schur; Cerastium murale Desp. ex DC.; Cerastium pseudosylvaticum Schur; Cerastium scandicum (Gartner) Kuzen.; Cerastium sylvaticum Opiz [Illegitimate] .; Cerastium triviale Link [Illegitimate]; Cerastium uliginosum Hegetschw.; Cerastium viscidum Christm.; Cerastium viscosum L. ….; Cerastium vulgare Hartm. .; Cerastium vulgatum var. americanum Ser. ………; Dichodon viscidum (M.Bieb.) Holub; Stellaria trivialis (Link) Link [Illegitimate]; Stellaria viscosa Link (Unresolved));  



Cerastium fontanum Baum. subsp. vulgare (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet, Willdenowia. 12: 37. 1982.
Differing from subsp. fontanum in viscid hairs on inflorescence, petals almost as long as sepals shorter, 9-13 mm long capsules and smaller seeds.  
Photographed from Sunnyvale California.


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