KG :: 06 December 2012 – 0021:: Pleione praecox (Sm.) D. Don (Orchidaceae): Pleione praecox (Sm.) D. Don (Orchidaceae) from Kalimpung.
Distribution: Bangladesh, Bhutan, NE India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, N Thailand, N Vietnam, China.
Flowering: September- November.
Habitat: On tree trunks and mossy rocks in forests.

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Location : Tawi, Mizoram
Altitude :c. 1,700 m.
Date : 08-11-2006
Habit : Epiphytic or lithophytic herb
Habitat : Wild

Very common all over north-east.

This is difficult. I am describing a new species from India so I recently studied all 7 Indian plants. This looks so strange. I can see only one leaf. Pleione praecox will have two leaves and it will have red spots on the bulbs. Secondly there is a natural hybrid Pleione x kohlsii which has single leaf. praecox has 3-5 lines of papillose hairs on labellum whereas kohlsii has 5 lines. Praecox is autumn flowering and kohlsii is spring flowering.

Hence this being autumn flowering I would say this is praecox. Kohlsii is so far reported only from Yunnan. But can’t confirm.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Flower for Id pl.
Location – Mawphlang sacred forest, East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
Date – 17.10.2016


Pleione praecox (Sm.) D.Don !


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