Asparagus adscendens Roxb., Fl. Ind. ed. 1832 2: 153 1832. (Syn: Asparagopsis adscendens (Roxb.) KunthAsparagus satawur James A.MurrayProtasparagus adscendens (Roxb.) Kamble);


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Asparagus adscendens
Local name: Sanspai
Sacred plant in lower areas of H.P. and worshiped during marriages.
Clicked at Solan (H.P.)

what a spectacular show this plant puts out and essential ingredient of the original Kansar in Gujarat.
ritually made and fed to the newly married couple right in the lagna mandap in the olden days
(nowadays its spiraled down into mixture of rice powder sugar and ghee)

Thank you for the interesting account, Di
This species is endemic to NW Himalaya from lower ranges of H.P., Punjab and J&K to Afghanistan. It does not occur in Gujarat. Species
occurring in Gujarat may be Asparagus racemosus.
Differences between two are listed below:
A. racemosus: Cladodes spreading, 2-6 in each tuft, prickles recurved.
A. adscendens: Cladodes erect, 6-20 in each tuft, prickles straight.

Sacred Value: Worshiped during marriages by maternal uncle (Mama).
Scientific Co-relation: Its tuberous roots contain phytoestrogen, a phytochemical that is similar to female sex hormone ‘Estrogen’.
Used by traditional healers to enhance fertility in cattle.
Photographed in Mandi (H.P.)

Nov., 2012
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that story was told to us by a professor who used to teach Ayurvedic Pharmacology. he knew the history of many traditions in Gujarat. he called it : safed musli
used in Kansar in marriage rituals

To me also appears to be Asparagus adscendens Roxb. as per comparative images at Asparagus

…, there is no doubt in ID.


Botanical name: Asparagus adscendens: 1 image.
Habit: Shrub
Location: Rajouri (j&K)

Asparagus adscendens: 1 high res. image.
Location: Rajouri (j and k)

Was it wild ? When clicked ?

Yes sir it was wild



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Erect shrub found wild on the river bank near Kangra air port Dharamshala Himachal

Asparagus adscendens, locally known as Sanspayee in that area.
It is considered sacred. It is also a source of Phytoestrogen.


Asparagus adscendens: 4 images- 2 high res.

Asparagus adscendens 
Clicked in Hamirpur and Solan in H.P.
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