Flora walks – city based: Dear eFI members kindly suggest if city based outings could be organised by some experts wherein common and layman individuals like me could get to learn a bit?

Thanks … second this wholeheartedly and i am one city based common layman who would love to learn from such organized endeavors.
This could also lay a foundation for propagating ‘citizen science’ in a peripatetic manner as well? (ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peripatetic_school)

One in bangalore please 🙂

Hope you remember the tree walks I used to conduct at Bangalore University etc.
The next time I invited egroup members for a tree walk the response was poor (just 2) and we stopped this activity.
Anyway we can begin it all over again at Bangalore.
I am not so keen on exotic avenue trees but I can ask some of my friends to do a tree walk inside the city.
If you have a group of more than 5 people interested in Native Trees of Bangalore then I can take you all to the outskirts or a little distance away where Native trees are found.
You people are keen birders and we can study interdependance.

I think we should restart it again. Needn’t be just limited to parks, but also streets/localities in bangalore where there are a good number of trees.
Yes, native trees walk is a good idea. 5 isn’t a difficult number to get 🙂

I am with all my like minded friends ready for Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Karnal, Panipat, Sonipat, Jind, Hisar, Rohtak cities of Haryana

I am not a bangolrean,but would love to come to the garden city of india and go on several walks with knowledgeable person/s…
so how about it?
do you have a website or a blog or something with you ph etc?

How about bengal… Calcutta for such tree appreciation walks… for regular and semi-botanists…??/

Plz add Pune too on this list -f tree walks

I agree with you. I am from Mumbai. Would love to visit the Mumbai gardens and nearby forested areas.

We should encourage such walks.
Organisers & others are allowed to post it as many number of times they want on efloraofindia.
But I think it’s a big task to gather enough numbers.
Best way will be to announce ones’ visits/ walks for such purposes & let others come/ join if any at all.

Rightly … Also wanted to know – are efloraofindia members using SeasonWatch website?
It would be nice if the information that runs around here could be documented there. Let me know if you need any help with that.
Efloraofindia is a SeasonWatch partner too.

We are thinking of organising a tree walk focusing on Native Trees of Bengaluru (Bangalore)
We can also think of propogating these species by raising them and planting in urban spaces or for biodiversity enhancing afforestation projects in future.

locations can be –
Bangalore University, Savandurga,
Devarayanadurga,Banneraghatta,Ramanagara hills……..anywhere.

Since most of you prefer weekends we can do.
This month all my weekends are packed.
Lets do it in mid Feb. Its the flowering and fruiting season.
Keep in touch.
Add more naturalists to this mailing list to ensure a good amount of participants.

I wish to organize a tree walk in Karnal and nearby areas if some friends are also willing to participate. Karnal is a very famous city of Haryana and considered as the city of educated people. Here are 7 institutions of National and International repute like NDRI, NBAGR, DWR, IARI Reg Station, CSSRI, CCSHAU reg Station and more than 2 dozen of Colleges.
Areas planned to be covered in this walk
1. Campus of National Dairy Research Institute and its nearby fields. (NDRI)
2. Campus and farm of IARI Regional Station.
3. Campus and farm of Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR)
4. Campus and farm of Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI)
5. Campus of National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources
6. Sugarcane Breeding Farm
7. Research Stations of Horticulture Deptt and CCS Haryana Agricultural University
8. Karan Lake Tourist Complex.
9. Dayal Singh College Campus
10. Mall Road Area
11. Model Town Area
12. Urban Estate Area (Sector 6, 7 ,8 ,9, 12, 13, 14)
13. Atal Park and Rose Garden
14. Any other adjoining Area
Total distance being covered will be approximately 12-15 KMs
We may start walk from Atal Park situated in Sector 7/8 on Delhi Chandigarh By Pass
As we have never organised such an event previously, so i wish to make a special request to all eflora members who have organized such events to help in arranging this event. All members are requested to attend this event who resides in nearby areas. We have not finalised the dates till now but wish to organise this in the second week of February.
looking forward to hear your suggestions and comments please

Nice to have this proposal – citybased Tree walk. Novice like me will be very much benefited.
Thanks … for suggesting Bengal – Calcutta. I am from Calcutta and am keenly interested if anything such happens.
… – why don’t you take the lead ? please ensure a weekend day.

Flora of Bangalore (Bengaluru) is very interesting.
Has been documented well by Dr. Francis Buchanan in his diaries – A Journey from Madras through the countries of Mysore, Canara and Malabar.1800.
Later by Dr. S.V.Ramaswamy and Dr.B.A. Razi – Flora of Bangalore district.1973.
Recently by Neginhal S.G – Forest Trees of Western Ghats.2012. has mention of nearby towns like Kolar, Mysore, Mandya,Melagiri etc.

Lalbagh contains alot of exotics and many species of western ghats etc….a good collection from Hyder Ali and British times.
Nandi hills has got W.G species like Ixora nigricans (frs. fed on by NIlgiri Wood Pegion over there) etc….
Ramanagara hills has got Aglaia elaeagnoidea in sholas that fruits profusely.
Being close to Tamilnadu, in some of the nearby hills we have Allophylus cobbe etc.
Many forests contain scrub vegetation too……….
Many species of the Eastern ghats are also present.

Most of us are a local group of rockclimbers, birders, students and hobby botanists etc.
Not experts.
We shall keep you informed about our Flora Walks so you may plan to come to join us.

Well said …, I also interested in plant (tree) walk in Bangalore, if time permits.