Although I am still unable to mange the data of Valley of flowers……… and again planning a new trip. This may be bit hectic and tiring. But time devoted in the lap of nature is most memorable time. So I have planned a tour to Gori valley and that is only for 6 persons in a hired Toyota Innova. No before planning, the only aim to hunt more and more flowers. Will stay where we get time. Member are invited to join on first come first serve basis. Expenditure will be on actual basis but interested persons have to deposit Rs 1000/ one week before to confirm their seat. That amount will be non-refundable if anyone deny for the programme on later stage. If Programm postponed or canceled this amount will be returned back to the participants. This will involve soft trekking and more beautifull pathway with no crowd of tourists, smell of mule dung etc.
We will Start from Panipat on 2:00 PM on 29th September, from Delhi on early Morning (5.00 AM) on 30th September, From Haldwni/ Kathgodam Railway Station at 2:00 Pm on 30 Sept. Our 30th Sept Stay will be in Choukori and next as decided on reaching Chaukori. The approximate distance covered will be 1200 Kms during 6 day 5 nights programm. Total approximate expenditure will be arround 6000-8000 Rs.
Intersted persons are requested to give their consent by 10 September pls.

Missing all the fun. You will have to repeat all next year, …

Yes Sir All this I am Doing for that the next year possibility of big group can be explored and we may catch plant next year, which will be left out this year. We are making a tentative list plants of Vof and adjacent area also so that the plants we skipped this year could be caught next year. And Sir Next Year your visit to VoF will be good as this time we have collected information as much as we can.

For coming trip I have taken many feed back regarding the flora availability from persons who have been there many times and all positive responses. However Orchids may not be much this time but fruits of the those can be found and many in flowering also.
Hope our next journey will also be a successful one.

This is indeed a good news and thanks for sharing … I am also planning to have a small excursion in Western Ghats probably in Diwali vacation at Dandeli (Karnataka). But before that … is also inviting me for Amboli (Maharashtra-Goa border) which is happening place in monsoon. Though nothing yet finalised but my both plans are positive.

Dont miss this trip. Within 60 sq. kms, you get to see 120 species of Orchids including 3 endemics.
Apart from that you can see wildlife too (Snow Leopard on higher elevation, common leopard, snakes including King Cobra, Butterflies, Frogs, Geckos etc) and BIRD many many many birds !!. This is the western most himalayan hotspot and hence there are many things unexpected. Not much explorered for non orchids hence you may find some new things too. A very typical village life with helpful people to mingle with. Lush green vegetation, river bath (something I miss)!! and many more surprises.
…, …, … and …, my special recommendation to your three to join this trip. Trust me, it will be memorable.

Hi guys (or just a guy?), Gori Valley 2012 schedule Delhi to Delhi is as below. The travel is in a car, to and fro from Kathgodam to Almora and a circular route between Almora-Munsiari-Pithoragad-Almora.
Sun 30 Sep Night train Delhi to Kathgodam
Mon 1 Oct K’godam to Choukori, Stay at Rest House
Tue 2 Oct Choukori to Munsiari Home stay
Wed 3 Oct Munsiari to Madkot Home stay
Thu 4 Oct Madkot to Bangapani Home stay
Fri 5 Oct Bangapani to Baram Home stay
Sat 6 Oct Baram to Pithoragad Stay at Rest House
Sun 7 Oct Pithoragad to K’godam, Night train to Delhi

………………….. that place is a must see for orchid lovers..just tell us when you finalize your programme…

Yess … let us finalize programme

i want to go in September Ganesh Chaturthi vacation …which is from 9th sept…for ten days 🙂

130 species of orchid in one valley!!! Can you imagine!!! I found one new during my last trip which is yet to be identified!!!

..your love and admiration for plants specially orchids is matchless….visiting in September is I think a very good decision….may be … can tell better which is the best season, see, we had visited in October, many orchids were in vegetative phase (pre-flowering)…very few in post-flowering..some in flowering…I think we didn’t have much time to explore the area extensively…better luck next time..

No I am a small potato…. thats how they say in China 🙂

You cant se all orchids flowering in one time as they flower in different seasons and are located at different localities. One of the best time to get highest number of orchids to see would be in July -august but due to rain there are more land slides during this month. Other time would be during March – April. You can also find some flowers during september-october.

In that case September is final, as this well suits to …, may be Gurcharan sir can also accompany…

besides orchids, other flowers are also at peak in this period….

Yes … and … I would love to be a part of the trip.



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