Visit to Maihar Satna Distt MP: I will be attending a 12 day mega event of NCC in Maihar Distt Satna MP. I will stay there in National Integration Camp for 12 days. I request members who have been in Maihar or know abou Maihar to suggest me some nearby spots where we can go for flower hunting for a day or two. Although in this cold season very less no of plants will be in flowering still i wish to have atleast pics of 100 plants as I could do this in my last camps in Tirupati or Chitrakoot. After Tomorrow morning i shall not be able to be online so… pls… give your valuable suggestions soon.

Maihar gharana has great classical music tradition… see if you can attend some all nite private classical musical soirees … experience of a lifetime…

try to visit Panna, if time permists.

Yes … i will try. As suggested by … we finalized one day programme for Panna and one day for khajuraho. Today we visited nearby hills and got many intersting plants. As net is very slow here i am unable to have
attachments, so will share after return to panipat. Here i am only able see and reply mails sometimes even attachments are not visible.

Visited Panna National Park, Khajuraho Temples, Pandav Water falls Panna, Maa Sharda Temple Maihar, Bhedaghat Dhuadhar waterfalls near jabalpur, Rani Durgavati University Jabalpur, Panni khoh Maihar and nearby small hills in search of plants. During this visit i was able to shot about 50 plants in flowering condition although almost forest area was without flowers.
Most disappointing part was visit to Panna National Park– They Charge Rs 1230/- as entry fee to park (And as per information i got same rule for all national parks in MP) for one to six persons ie for one person 1230/- and four 6 also 1230/- . No per person entry there. More than this Gypsy also charge 800 -1200 per trip. Entry start 06-30 to 10-30 AM and 2-30 to 5-30 PM. For every 4 or 3 hours you have to pay again means two sessions of a day two time entry fee. We could see only 12-15 animals there means 200 per animals which much more enough than a visit to ZOO. Where we can see thousands of animals in Rs 50 or less. I think these type of rules discouraging wild life lovers. We have seen 15-20 people going back after seeing there charges to enter the park. And more disgusting after spending this huge amount we could not see any Bhalu, leopard, tiger etc. Only forest person makes us fool by showing footprints of tiger and obvious those were not the footprints of Tiger. Besides this they also charge boating charges rs 30 extra inside park in Ken River. Rs 20 more for Pandav falls. However we may visit Pandav falls without purchasing National Park entry ticket by taking rs 20 ticket for Pandav falls. Pandav falls most beautiful place near and in Panna.
Khajuraho Temples and Dhuadhar falls was awesome all must see places.