In search of Luminous Fungus: Nestled in the core of Western Ghats, is the dense forest of Bhimashankar. This famous pilgrimage centre is also a declared wildlife sanctuary. The protected forest is home to several species which are said to be endemic to Western Ghats. Well, I am not specific about what to see and what to not. But what fascinates me here is a fungus which glows at night. Technically the mechanism is unknown to our scientific world but the common and easy name that is given to this form is Bio-luminous Fungus. There are records of many flora observers and trekkers to have seen it in this zone of Sahyadri. I dont guarantee or assure for sure short sighting but an attempt and exploring the region for one night is worth an investment.
Tentative Schedule:
12 July `12 : Reach Shvajinagar at 10.00AM
Leave for Bhimashanakr by ST bus and reach upto afternoon
rest till 4PM and thereafter evening trek till 6pm
8PM night walk in search of Fungus
11PM back to shelter
13th July`12
Morning alarm : 6AM
Local Trail : 7am to 9 AM
Start rek down to Karjat: 11AM
Reach Karjat : 5PM
Catch Mumbai bound local train
Expenses at actual and this is not a commercial event.
PS : This may be a typical flora outing with bit of butterfly , reptiles and bird watching. But more focus on FLORA .

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