Suggestions for Kolkata: I am in Kolkata for the next 4 days. I plan to spend a few hours treewatching. On the internet, I came to know of 2 places-
-Kolkata botanical gardens
-Agri-horticultural society

Any suggestions-
-which garden should I go to if I have time for only one?
-any other roads/ places I should visit to see trees?

I am from Bangalore- I would like to see some trees which I dont normally get to see in Bangalore (e.g. I havent seen a palash- butea monosperma yet in Bangalore). Also, which trees are likely to be flowering in Kolkata now?

Sorry for being so greedy with all these requests in information.

Kolkata Bot. garden
I have visited this place in Dec. Amazing place. You may require a full day to see it completely.

did not see this just now
Palash there is one large one in Victoria memorial garden but does not flower until the month of HOLI
usually in April

in the botanical garden
the cannonball tree not far from the banyan will be flowering
amazing flowers
amazing fruits

some cassias

nothing mush flowers at the end of monsoon… unless its grass…
Heres a map of Kol Bot G
I had circled the cannon ball tree for either …
forget who
never mind
now you can access it… right away if you are so equipped

Thanks a lot for the detailed suggestions, though I missed your email and saw only now.
The Kolkata botanical gardens was very nice. I have some images and questions on the gardens which I will be posting soon- there were some curious lotus leaf based structures in janardan lake, and I was wondering what they are- will post images this weekend…
I did spot the cluster of cannonball trees- one of them had the largest number of cannonballs I have ever seen on a single tree…very few were flowering though. However, I have had the privilege of recently seeing cannonball trees in full bloom at the aurobindo ashram in Bangalore- the flowers have such a lovely fragrance!

If I get the opportunity to travel in march- April to Kolkata again, I will certainly check out the palash in Victoria memorial.