Greetings & Butterfly Story!: Wish you a Very Happy, Healthy & Peaceful Deepavali & New Year!

I take this opportunity to inform you that this year’s Diwali Issue of ‘Chandrakant’ (Marathi Annual Special Festive Issue) has published my Kadambari (Novel) – ‘Adbhutachya Shodhat’. The imaginary story is based on Butterfly/Moth research and is set in the Northeast India.
This is my first ‘adventure’ in the literary field and naturally the stroy involves the subjects of my key interest.
Those who are interested in Marathi Literature and subjects of Butterflies/Moths & Northeast India may please read the story in ‘Chandrakant’ this Deepavali.
I value your feedback which you may send on my personal e-mail (not to the e-group please).

My Marathi novel – ‘Adbhutachya Shodhat’ on :

The Marathi novel written by me – ‘Adbhutachya Shodhat’ is now available on
The story is based on Butterfly Research in the Northeast India.
I hope you will like it.
Please read and give your feedback.


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