eFI library: Here was … idea & it was discussed among moderators & agreed to:

“As a taxonomist, literature collection has been a matter of difficulty, especially those papers published in Indian journals (hope all our members do have the same opinion). And we had discussed this earlier in our group ..
Here is a humble suggestion..!! Why can’t we take an initiate in this matter?? I think, atleast we can make a catalogue of books and journals with each of us. So that our members can make use of that. Especially those people revising a genus or family would be finding difficulties to collect details from regional or local floras (including state and district floras). Each member can put a list of their accessible material. Am not sure how many of the members are generous enough to share their collections..
Still we can contribute much..
I am ready to contribute whatever I have.. awaiting response..!!
“As … said, we don’t need to upload the paper or any kind of literature to the group, so that we can avoid the violation of copy right laws. Also the form of the literature is also a matter of concern. If it is a hard copy, the beneficiary should take the necessary expenses. Here i am attaching a list of books available in my library either as hard copy or as pdf format.”
Accordingly, … has furnished details & uploaded at eFI page:
Other may also contribute suitably & become a part of this great effort.

It will be really a nice approach. I think efl members who are far from the reach of university library and other sources to get relevant literature can make this a great opportunity. Moreover, if our own member publishes any research findings in reputed journal can also upload the same in the library for the benefit of the others (if it is copy right free). We have already some nice research article in post.
So I would like to request to compile those entire articles in the library.

Here are some of my collection …..

It’s at eFi website now at:

Wonderful idea! I think we shall do that. Keeping this in mind Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy has started constructing a small library at Calicut University campus with one room for visitors to stay (may be for 2 people at a time). Funds seems to be problem and hope IAAT will pull through. We have lot of resources there including journals.

We are also working out modalities to put all Rheedea issues online.
I discussed with Biodiversity Heritage Library personnel and they recognised the gaps in Indian taxonomy literature (the old ones which are out of copyright). They are ready to help us to any extent, but the problem is of libraries agreeing to digitise their copies.
Congrats to eFI for mooting these ideas.

Yes …,

Me too got the same reply from biodiversity heritage library, when I asked about the availability of Indian journals online(which are out of copyright).
I found it very difficult to collect details from local floras in some libraries. Do you know..!! Blatter herbarium charges Rs 500 for referring each type specimens there. They also apply charges for referring taxonomic books in their library (I forgot the exact amount). When my colleagues went to Shillong BSI herbarium, they weren’t even ready to allow my friends to take photographs of relevant literature since there was no xerox machine. They also tried to charge some amount for referring the books. Am not blaming everone!! There were so many generous people who had sent copies of the literature they have.

We all should try to get old literature in our libraries and then get it Scanned for further processing. dependence on BSI/ any other institute then will not be a major issue. I have an idea of the available floras in KU Kurukshetra University, HP University Shimla and Most of the College libraries in haryana. So all of us try to get the information about the libraries regarding availability of literature. In University library it is much easier to get any literature as most of the University libraries have very good xeroxing facilities to cater the need of large no of students. In Research Institute it is much difficult to get anything even for Scientists working there. I have my personal experience in this matter as IARI New Delhi Library have many old and precious literature but it is not only difficult to locate but xeroxing is also a great problem. same problem i have seen in NBPGR Delhi and even their regional stations, CSSRI, NDRI Karnal, BSI Dehradoon and few other institutes. On the other hand I could get 23 books xeroxed in Delhi University Library, about 35 from Library of HP University Shimla, 15 in KU Kurukshetra, 25 in CCS HAU Hisar, few in PAU Ludhiana and PU Patiala without much efforts

I am also presenting a idea about the Herbarium
1. A list can be prepared for each family, for the character that must be kept in mind while capturing a species, so that all characters may be shot well
2. All the pics can be rearranged on one or two pages as it was done by Pankaj ji some of Orchids he shared with us. These 1 or 2 page/pics will act as Digital Herbarium Specimen
3. For real paper and wet herbarium one of us may volunteer to act as nodal person for submission of herbarium sheets and we may develop our own Herbarium. Space can be made available for this in one the Colleges or Universities or any Institutes. This will be a collaborative work between efloraindia and nodal Institute.

It’s really a great effort.
It’s because of generous contributions from member like you, that eFi is & will be thriving.

Your contributions are now at eFi website at & easily searchable like any google search:
I request others to pl. come forward & make your great contributions.

It is really a wonderful idea. I will definitely give you the list of literature I am having.

It’s because of generous contributions from member like you, that eFi is & will be thriving.

Your contributions are now at eFi website at & easily searchable like any google search:

I request others to pl. come forward & make your great contributions.


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