Fotos for use in Field Guide: I will be obliged to receive and use close up fotos of inflorence/flowers of following plants in the coming new field guide.

1. Cynometra iripa
2. Tropidia angulosa
3. Sagittaria trifolia
4. Desmos chinensis
5. Aniseia martnicensis
6. Hewittia malabarica
7. Phrynium pubinerve
8. Pachystoma senile
9. Calanthe masuca
10. Artanema longifolium
11. Quassia indica
12. Catimbium speciosum
13. Amomum pterocarpum
The contributions will be duely acknowledged.

I will send the close up photo of Quassia indica tomorrow.

I’ll send u the photos of Phrynium and Calanthe soon.

I can send you some pics of Pachystoma pubescens (syn: P. senile) and Calanthe sylvatica (syn: C. masuca).
Tropidia I have without flowers if that is fine for you.

I can send you Quassia indica pics, taken at VJBU, MUmbai