is leguminosae now called Fabaceae?: i have an query …though an stupid one… leguminosae now called Fabaceae? i thought papilionaceae is called fabaceae… whats papilionaceae called then?

To understand this you have to first understand what rank we are giving to the three subfamilies
1. If we treat legumes in the broader sense including all three subfamilies under a single family then the two alternate names are Leguminosae and Fabaceae.
2. On the other hand if all the three are to be upgraded as families, the three applicable names are Fabaceae (including only members of subfamily Faboideae or Papilionoideae), Caesalpiniaceae (including members of Casesalpinioideae) and Mimosaceae (members of Mimosoideae). Then the two alternate names at family level would be Fabaceae and Papilionaceae (and not Leguminosae). I think that makes things clear.